How itHRVe measures stress:

by Dan Winter - Jan 2, 2016 - ( itHRVe is AVAILABLE NOW- see

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How itHRVe measures- heart / HRV COHERENCE- and teaches breath coherence.

How itHRve measures - the caducceus / golden ratio - phase conjugate perfect implosive self organizing compression/collapse

How itHRVe measures - sacral cranial / spine liquid pump- the spinal wave of healing / human bliss:

Power Factor: Zero Point KEY-& Stress /Kundalini Measure, Dan Winter


Power Factor (wave phase shift of amperage /flow to voltage ) is ESSENTIAL to zero point vacuum coherence - AND - it is THE way to measure stress! (phase shift from heart voltage peak- to blood pressure flow peak)- which is the genius of our stress measure (walks circles around HeartMath biofeedback)- AND it is THE way Bentov measured kundalini! - (kundalini biophysics , vacuum coherence - as power factor implosion: -part of



Home: Mathematics of the Fractal Heart 'Harmonic INCLUSIVENESS':

Original app/IOS HRV and Empathy measure- from Dan Winter:

Dan Winter's original HeartTuner- EKG Coherence Measure & Empathy Trainer:

Story of Dan Winter's original discovery: How Heart Coherence is Measured: The Mathematics- and
Note: Dan's original discovery credited in the literature for inventing the term Heart Coherence-
was the use of the SECOND Order FFT called CEPSTRUM - to measure internal cardiac phase coherence (above link)
with the itHRVe app- that has been expanded to use a THIRD Order FFT
- providing an even smoother measure of HRV/Heart Internal Coherence-ideal for Breath Training.

Dan Winter's original new book: Fractal Space Time-Origin of Biologic Negentropy -

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How itHRVe measures stress:

Firstly- there is a primary measure of stress- related to change in long term resting heart rate. Using the Polar chest strap- overnight HRV analysis with itHRVe - is an ideal way to reveal - resting heart rate change- which is a primary useful indicator of stress:

Next: remember - that (lack of) internal HEART COHERENCE- is another primary indicator of stress. If coherence is high - then it is more likely stress is low. Please see our article on COHERENCE measure with itHRVe:

Note particular how offers far more sophisticated measure of internal heart coherence (3rd order power spectra)- that we can far more meaningfully measure and reward overall internal heart coherence (called HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS ) - rather than the simplistic single harmonic peak (see "Heart Math Mistake").

Also note that

Further - then below - we illustrate another more sophisticated way itHRVe measures stress: internal resonance / phase lock between internal (blood) pressure - vs. the body's EKG heart electrical peaks.


Note: the itHRVe can use multiple blue-tooth input sensors: of these- the finger clip /oximeter sensor - and the iPhone camera light sensor CAN measure the below longer blood pressure wave (more notes at ) - the third input device for itHRVe - the bluetooth chest strap- does not see this longer pressure wave- and is more for long term/ overnight hospital grade analysis of HRV.

Important credit here: the technique to measure the percent time when the blood pressure peaks are in vs. out of phase with the HRV peaks-to quantify stress is thanks to Patrick Botte.

Measuring stress is one of the primary goals of biofeedback- because teaching people relaxation / how to relax - is one of the primary needs and goals of health training related biofeedback systems. In modern society- stress is so all pervasive- that people are most often unaware of how stressed they are, as they are often unaware of the damage this stress is doing to their health (EVERY doctor wants to tell you about this). Stress measurement can be essential to almost every industry (not to mention for designing education)- as employers for example often critically need to measure how much stress their people are exposed to- not just for health but also to optimize performance. Stress often needs to be measured- so that it can be minimized.

There are 2 principles in fundamental physics which not only reveal the electrical relationship of stress to health - but also hide a secret to how stress can be measured electrically with biofeedback (especially itTHRve) :

- principle one: increased ability to relax- in general INCREASES electrical conductivity in the body. Intuitively this is makes sense because- electrical resistance is more than metaphorically connected to psychological resistance.

- principle two: stress is directly related to blood pressure- AND ability to vasodilate (send blood to the surface- which is how itHRV measures HRV!). Again this is intuitively easy to understand because we call psychological 'pressure'- by the same name PRESSURE. Psychological pressure and blood pressure- are much connected of course.

The relationship of blood pressure - to the speed of the waves- which we use to measure heart rate and HRV - also hold the clue to how we measure stress.

When I was in graduate school designing polygraphs to measure hypertension - with my mentor Dr Albert Ax (one of the inventors of biofeedback)- one of our tasks was to use our polygraph to simplify and speed up the measurement of blood pressure. To do this - we did many studies and tests to prove that: THE SPEED OF THE WAVE OF YOUR HEARTS PULSE TO THE PERIPHERY OF YOUR BODY - COULD BE USED TO MEASURE BLOOD PRESSURE. You see- the wave velocity of your pulse on the surface of the hose/tubes called your blood vessels is obviously proportional to the liquid pressure on the hose/tube/blood vessel. This is easy to understand because when you stiffen a drum or tension a string- it affects the wave speed moving along it. The kool thing- is that the time it takes for your heart to send a message out to your fingertips IS easy (and cheap) to measure! You simply note the time of the peak of the EKG electrical wave (QRST high point )- and then merely count the milliseconds until it arrives at your finger tip ( like in the finger clip or iPhone camera light catching your pulse for itHRVe). We are about to explain how this phase relationship (coherence/embedding) between the electrical peak of your heart, and the resonance to the mechanical / sonic peak of your hearts blood pressure pulse CAN also be used in a somewhat different method of analysis - to measure overall stress as well.

The way your iPhone camera or finger clip pulse sensor are used for itHRVe HRV measure - in biofeedback science is called 'finger plethysmography'.

There are many studies like "Comparison of finger plethysmograph to ECG in the measurement of heart rate variability". Remember that Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is probably the most studied and published subject in ALL of medicine. This is because HRV is such a beautiful indicator of so many health conditions - especially including probably the best way to measure overall immune health! (Harmonic inclusiveness- or FRACTALITY- in the HRV- as immune health measure- my article on this: )

SO- what is a 'finger plethysmogram' practically? (your finger motionless on your iPhone camera- or finger clip light). When your heart's electrical pulse point (the time when the electric voltage wave perfectly squeezed your heart blood)- finally reaches the end of the stretched 'pipe' (your blood vessels)- THEN that wave causes a bit more blood to reach the surface (your finger 'vasodilates'). This principle of VASODILATION- refers to the difference between the cold hands (and heart?)- of the stressed person- versus the warm hand of the relaxed (and vasodilated) person. Vasodilation is the SKILL to relax and vaso-dilate allowing the blood to unpack from the body core- to the periphery.

Vasodilation- (and hence inner relaxation) is such an important (and relatively lost)- spiritual skill- that there is a name for it in mythology: "The Order of the Red Hand'! This can refer to a spiritual master- one who can vasodilate his chi/plasma - and thus direct his energy outward rather than inward- by intentional relaxation. (Not to be confused with William Butler Yeats 'bloody red hand'. In British parlance- it is always important to descriminate between 'a bloody good show' vs a bloody bad show.)

All this esoteric conversation about the spiritual importance of relaxing in order to vasodilate- and send a pink message to your skin surface- COULD even be important to you as a teenager.. Because your best indicator for when it might be time to hug your new girlfriend- if she relaxes enough near you- is probably WHEN she gets a little bit.. 'PINK.. (your 'blushing' bride?)'!

The way modern common devices like iPhones camera and itHRVe fingerclip measure HRV / pulse- uses VASODILATION. We use a light (finger plethysmogram/ blood volume measure)- to tell us when the blood reaches the skin surface. By using a light sensor (your iPhone camera- or fingerclip photoreceptor)- we can measure how much of that light PENETRATED your skin- and thus how much relative blood was near the surface.

From this device in itHRVe we get a curve that looks like this:

By calculating the HRV - LF lo frequency harmonics separately using just the pure HRV peaks- more locked to the EKG, separately versus using the wave shape harmonics of the LONGER BLOOD PRESSURE WAVE- we determine whether your body is RELAXED - IN PHASE- with itself... That is to say - phase synchrony- literally INNER HARMONIC between your bodies- electrical ringing- versus it's sonic / liquid longer wave natural resonance!

Note that in addition to the simple up and down (short wave in YELLOW)- of the HRV pulse- we ALSO get a LONGER wave (here in RED) 'embedded on the wave'- which is related to BLOOD PRESSURE. This is because the longer wave cyles of blood pressure change - ALSO influence how much light bounces in and out from the little light sensor.

This is very neat because that longer wave of blood pressure ALSO indicates Heart Rate Variability in another way. You see there are very important longer wave blood pressure cycles inside your body- which profoundly indicate whether you are healthy. One of these important 'long wave' lower frequencies in your body is called the MAYER WAVE. This is a natural universal resonance frequency around .1 hertz- which develops because of the natural peristalsic pumping inside your blood vessels - in resonance to your spine liquid (sacral cranial). So- sacral cranial healers talk about measuring the MAYER wave- frequently.

We can measure this all important MAYER WAVE- in relation to blood pressure cycles- AND HRV- AND Sacral Cranial spine liquid pumping- all using this relationship of the short wave (pure HRV- in Yellow here) versus this longer wave - of blood pressure embedded - as you see in the picture.

AND one of the original reasons I was excited to be part of the team building itHRVe biofeedback here- WAS- because I had just discovered (with great excitement) that the EXACT known frequency of this essential blood pressure MAYER WAVE- in the body - .1 hertz - AND virtually the exact center point frequencies of all Heart Rate Variability- known as LF (lo frequency)- versus HF - high frequency - were .1 hertz (LF), and .251 hertz (HF). This means that the perfectly relaxed normal MAYER blood pressure cycle in the body IS- the perfectly relaxed normal HRV - much studied- LF frequency peak (picture below).



Winter documents the HRV / Sacral Cranial Frequencies- Mechanism of Bliss/Kundalini (PEAK PERCEPTION/ Bliss)
-are ALSO precisely PHASE CONJUGATE Implosive Collapse
( Kundalini spine liquid biomechanics- with Bentov- discussion:
(also shown the ADP /ATP Key frequency=precisely fits phase conjugation in Biologic Microwave)

Complementing the PHASE CONJUGATE nature of the sacral cranial- spine liquid pump- above
note Dan Winter's work on the accompanying bliss frequencies


AND MOST IMPORTANTLY- my calculations proved that exactly the frequency of this perfect MAYER wave /& LF at .1 hertz- AND the HF .251 hertz- EXACTLY FIT MY NEW EQUATION FOR PHASE CONJUGATE COLLAPSE WAVE NEGENTROPY ( planck time x integer exponents golden ratio / pure phase conjugation). This means that my equation (and cover of my book)- ORIGIN OF BIOLOGIC NEGENTROPY - apply directly the HRV - LF/HF and the MAYER WAVE. AND- that thus the perfect relaxed HRV LF HF- MAYER- ARE part of perfect implosive self organizing embedding / charge collapse- making negentropy and life force possible! So we relax perfectly and we EMBED on the perfect caducceus!

So now let's get back to HOW we measure stress. Remember that the long wave frequencies in the blood pressure cycles- ARE not just HRV / LF / MAYER waves- but also they are the 'snake charmer' for the spine liquid pump / sacral cranial liquid.

See also especially- the parallel article here- pioneered by itHRVe lead programmer Patrick Botte- on HOW itHRVe measures SACRAL CRANIAL waves. (LINK HERE)

I have spent -a huge part of my life documenting - the way in which spine liquid pumping - is the whole platform upon which human bliss/ tantra / and kundalini are based. ( ) Much of the reason why spine liquid pumping IS the physics of bliss/tantra/ kundalini - can be summarized by the bumper sticker from Upledger's world leading school of Sacral Cranial: 'IF your spine liquid IS pumping - THEN it is clinically impossible to BE despressed!' Think about that for a moment- the clinical data is clear- if you can make your spine liquid go- THEN this IS the bio-mechanical OPPOSITE OF DEPRESSION!?

What does this mean to you? It means that the physics of bliss/joy/tantra/ kundalini - is directly the physics of what your spine liquid pumps. The spine liquid pumps the blue fire/ sex/ joy / creative juice- that's makes your high brain - quite literally HAPPY! (The spine liquid 'mouth' / amydala or mouth of the snake brain- pumps directly into the brain fluid - whose ventricle horns- then columnate - with creative juice phonon geometry crystallized - which in the physics of puberty - is called ' getting horny '. Fortuneately many young people will not need their physics textbook to understand that technical term.) Also worth noting here- (see picture above) that the ADP/ATP bond length (fundamental microwave of all cellular mitogenic radiation / 'cell music' in the spine) - which Bob Dratch used to measure spine radiance/ emotional history /kundalini ( microwave scanning emissions technology)- is also EXACTLY a wave length of perfect phase conjugate collapse- my 'book cover' equation. (Bob says that the US military stole that microwave body scan - from him - should have replaced most every hospital scanner tech - shortly after Donald Rumsfeld - personally stole Bob's other early invention: GPS.)

SO- we NEED to teach and measure spine liquid pumping / sacral cranial liquid movement- in ORDER to teach HAPPINESS - and the wave mechanics for fountaining the creative juices (that sounds essential doesn't it).

The LO frequencies of the spine liquid pump- are called tidals ( see picture above). Note in that picture- that the spine liquid pump LO 'tidal' frequencies ARE- the SAME as the HRV LF and HF- and are the SAME as the famous MAYER WAVE. AND note especially- that all the classic perfect relaxation spine liquid pump / LF/ HF/ MAYER frequencies are ALL exact fit to the caducceus 'phase conjugate pump wave negentropic collapse' on the cover of my book.

SO - if you want to get IN THE GROOVE- you need to relax into this perfect embedding (thus become more negentropic/ self organizing ... and EMERGE FROM CHAOS!)

OK - so how do we measure this perfect groove (perfect relaxation)?

Well- when my kundalini / biofeedback famous mentor Bentov- measured kundalini- he used something called a capacitive accelerometer. This was a way to use the body seated in a chair between capacitor plates above and below- so your body IS the dielectric modulating the capacitance ring. This was the most sensitive accelerometer in history- so much so that he could measure the mechanical push of your heart moving blood- by the way your heart beat shoved your body - with more force onto the seat of your chair!

== exerpt here from Dan Winter's -

"I discussed with Ben Bentov many times the mechanism of the sonic entrainment of the heart pressure waves with the liquids of the brain ventricles (like a can of peaches shaking he would say.) His capacitive accelerometer for measuring this ring relationship between heart and brain liquids (which are SACRAL CRANIAL LIQUIDS PUMPED) was one of th e planets finest feedback devices. Ben described his own kundalini experiences as often originating in the solar plexus area, very different than mine. (His book on the subject: "Stalking the Wild Pendulum", has a chapter - phonon mechanism of kundalini - which is cross correlate to Lee Sanella, MD book "Kundalini: Psychoses or Transendance".)


As you can see from the above picture- with this tool (which I helped him with- from my psychophysiology lab days) he was able to correlated the heart's peak ejection moment - with the spine liquid pump / brain ventricle liquid- kundalini 'ear ringing' and more. He actually proved the famous 'san-graal' / 'song in the blood' / 'sound current' - ringing in the ears heard by meditators- could be MEASURED in phase to the spine liquid pump- and bliss trigger- Heart Rate Variability - (very rich conversation- see the article). Note also in the picture below- that those frequencies ringing in the ears - for bliss (literally the PEAK RELAXATION- we need to measure)- ALSO do generally fit my original equation for conjugate negentropic collapse!


SO- Bentov from all his study - concluded that a major mechanism of kundalini / bliss (relaxation climax)- was..
the ability to relax and phase align your hearts electrical firing

- with the nature resonance of your body 'AS A RINGING LIQUID CAN OF PEACHES' he would say.

Above- per Bentov- the length of the bodies biggest blood vessel- aorta down to crotch- is like a violin string- standing wave. Relaxation enables you to tune your heart's electrical ring (EKG) - to your blood vessel's liquid resonance - like tuned stretched violin strings making music together. (Kundalini / Bliss / Tantra / immune health happens).. IF your heart (relaxes) - learns to electrically fire JUST in time to reinforce the next sound (blood) pressure wave bouncing back up the ('violin string') - aorta from your crotch - THEN that makes your next heart beat more efficient!

Using my language- this starts to (implode?) all your bodies resonances toward negentropy- perfect constructive wave collapse. This is how perfect conductive relaxation moves your body's inner harmony/ inner unity - toward the perfect implosive climax- the immune health building SCIENCE OF BLISS ( hygiene suggestions: )

From his measurements of Kundalini/Bliss/Tantra/ perfected relaxation.. Bentov concluded the perfectly relaxed and conductive body would entrain/embed/phaselock the electrical heart with the natural mechanical resonance of the blood vessels (ex.stretched aorta) thus creating ‘charge distribution efficiency’ / what we now call perfect ‘fractal’ embedding..

In other words- in addition to the natural electrical voltage wave ringing your body- your EKG- your bodies blood vessels behave like standing waves on the surface of a water balloon. ( If the ordered water scientists are right- water is so smart- it invented people because IT wanted to walk around.. hence: we ARE walking water balloons - actually with water being so smart and hydrogen / fractal and all- this could be a flattering metaphor).

SO- learning to tune your heart's voltage- to your bodies blood pressure ringing resonances like a water balloon IS relaxation (the solution to stress) - which IS the implosive (super) conductor to negentropy - OUT of chaos- IN to bliss (immune health)!

SO - if we map the resonances of your body from more electrical sources (the raw HRV) - and THEN map your bodies resonances from blood pressure sources (the PRESSURE WAVE- see the red longer on the yellow shorter wave).. THEN we can determine IF they are in phase. (Have your reached inner harmony!).

Phase lock here simply means the (blood) pressure peaks are right in phase with the more direct HRV-derived voltage peaks.

In practice this results from years of study by people like Patrick Botte and his team - who have gone to such great effort in sacral cranial research to document and prove the correlation between classic mathematically derived HRV (pulse peaks)- versus the longer wave blood pressure peaks- used to get similar numbers - for HRV /LF /MAYER wave.. except - they can be a little 'out of phase'. Little did YOU know that when you finish having a bit of a bad day- and you say I am a little 'out of phase'- that not only is this measureable- but it can be used to measure stress!

SO- you are beginning to get the picture of how phase lock between your inner liquid (blood) pressure cycles- versus your inner electrical cycles (EKG/HRV)- is a natural way to TEACH RELAXATION! - ( and measure stress- the holy grail of biofeedback!). This way itHRVe helps get you: BACK IN THE GROOVE!


Read here about another kool parallel example (zero point vacuum energy) of how conjugate/ perfected recursion - phase angle
- produces implosion/ negentropy: