Real Heart Coherence and Stress Measure - HRV Biofeedback-

3 apps -itHRVe , and itHRVe Stress, and itHRVe Chakras-

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The systemm will soon be the worlds most complete integrated system for FULL BODY COHERENCE - simultaneous biofeedback-
as we implement/integrate BRAIN conjugation/coherence biofeedback:
with the Tomatis voice harmonics biofeedback- and Sacral Cranial Pump Harmonic Feedback ( see Patrick Botte - and

This real phase conjugate/ fractal / harmonic inclusive climax definition of coherence- is implemented/ demonstrated with commercial success in 13 countries-
with - plasma rejuvenation. Here itHRVe biofeedback systems document the (conjugate)- Sacral-Cranial STILL POINT - healing turning point induced.

Real Heart Coherence and Stress Measure - HRV Biofeedback-itHRVe Stress Management- Latest dynamic films/powerpoints- from London Launch Event:
"Nowhere is the seriousness of 'the Heart Math Mistake' more clearly evident than on their EMWAVE page where HeartMath admits a) their (incorrect) definition of coherence is simply a narrow (and unfulfilling) .1 hz HRV /breath peak, and admit b) their faulty definition of coherence is NOT relaxation-
In fact perfect relaxation (wave mechanics golden ratio damping perfected) is HARMONIC INCLUSIVE- broad spectral (fractal) coherence biofeedback (itHRVe) -quite the opposite of the 'heart math mistake'
-who can neither measure nor treat stress- nor teach relaxation.

Dan Winter's lecture: Science Behind - Real Heart Coherence and Stress Measure HRV Biofeedback


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See also - history of Heart Coherence:

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Power Factor (wave phase shift of amperage /flow to voltage ) is ESSENTIAL to zero point vacuum coherence - AND
- it is THE way to measure stress! (phase shift from heart voltage peak- to blood pressure flow peak)-
which is the genius of our stress measure (walks circles around HeartMath biofeedback)- AND it is THE way Bentov measured kundalini! -


Dan Winter's updated physics article- Proof of ORIGIN of NEGENTROPY in PHASE CONJUGATE CHARGE COLLAPSE:
His book by the same title:

The original background articles: Irving Dardik "Making Waves" and the Harmonic INCLUSIVE (Fractal) HRV: and


Patrick Botte- Lead Programmer presents: Understanding Heart Coherence and Stress Measurement HRV Biofeedback with


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Measuring COHERENCE- Heart Coherence and Breath Coherence-

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